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Yankee Stencil Co. - Primitive Stencils From Maine
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Our Policy For Custom Designs

At Yankee Stencil Company ,We do not resell ANY of  your  original designs.  You can rest assured when you ask us to create a stencil from your orginal Art work, If you own it, it's yours exclusively. We handle all custom original artwork on a strictly private basis.  We do not advertise or share your information with any other individual or company.

Yankee Stencil Company creates custom graphic stencils for many applications.
 We have worked with professional designers and decorators all around the world creating custom stencils to meet each of our customers unique needs. Our custom laser cut stencils have been used to decorate chain restaurants, for professional photo shoots, body painting in Hollywood movie productions, and upscale residences from New York to California just to name a few of our experiences.
 Our stencils have even been used to body paint Play Boy Bunnies at Hef’s 2008 Superbowl party in Las Vegas. Yes, these girls are wearing paint only and Yankee was very pleased to be chosen as the stencil company who made these outfits possible.


Here at Yankee Stencil Company we are proud to work closely with individuals, small businesses, schools and churches. Because every custom graphic stencil we make is unique, there is no standard pricing. Our pricing is based on two things: what we receive for artwork from you and how long your stencil will take to laser cut. 
Custom stencils can be made for any of the following ..
  • Wall decorating stencils
  • Wall mural stencils
  • Body art stencils
  • Fingernail airbrush stencils
  • Promotional stencils
  • Alphabet stencils
  • Scrap book templates
  • Crafting sign stencils
  • Embossing templates
  • Sign Stencils
  • Marking stencils for crates
  • Marking stencils for tools
  • Parking Lot Stencils




For best results, high quality black and white line artwork is required. You can e-mail us your artwork to or mail it to us at our USA or Canada mailing address

You can mail us your artwork on floppy disc or CD.We will return your CD or Floppy to you with your Custom Stencil.

We can also work from faxed designs. Please e-mail us to make arrangements

. Please be certain to include the size you want the finished design to be or any other special instruction for our designer.

·  Please Include your name, e-mail address, and any other information needed for us to respond to your request.

At Yankee Stencil Company we will work with you to create a Custom Design you are happy with. We can create Curved Text and more compicated designs to meet your every need.



At Yankee Stencil Company we cater to the serious Sign Artist!